AlluriaToy LETEN 708 III Future Auto Telescopic Circulation Heating Male Masturbator

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LETEN 708 III Future Auto Telescopic Circulation Heating Male Masturbator


New Leten 708 3RD Is Stronger, Constantly Surpassing Themselves, And Constantly Meeting Your Expectations For Sex. Break the threshold of human pleasure Infinitely variable piston. Avant-garde continuously variable speed design, crash into a powerful power motor, finely adjust the speed, and experience the joy of life that cannot be achieved by real people.


Innovative circulation heating technology penetrates into every gap in the channel The entire passage is warm, bringing real warmth and comfort.Like a black hole Suck and squeeze Circular airbag, Surround the airbag in a whole circle, combining the sucking power of the black hole with the peristaltic movement of the nectar of a woman to give you a black hole suction-like squeeze pleasure.


Pleasure yourself using this amazing little toy, with its futuristic design and warm stretchy center wrapped around you, with your headphones plugged into it, making all the sounds you love to hear when you are at maximum enjoyment, release yourself and feel it bring you to new heights. All while closing your eyes and imagining your dream partner doing to you exactly what you want when you want and where you want. The toy comes with a wireless charging feature that makes it the latest tech amongst all the market players. The digital controlled screen makes the use equivalent to the product of some sci-fi movie. With more than 25 modes this is the most powerful toy you must get in your hands now.


Leten 708 3RD breaks through the limitations of the original technology, a built-in large-capacity battery, which does not need to be connected to the power supply during use. Made from ABS + TPE it is durable and safe to use a product specifically designed for men. The product measure 290mm by128mm by 105mm hence it is sizeable to carry around. The piston is remote-controlled. You can use the various buttons to control the intensity of strokes. It has an active knob that you can manipulate while masturbating.

The annular airbag technology is the game-changer in this product as it creates a vaginal environment that is warm and elastic in nature hence it is advised to be used by just one person to avoid infections! It has a digital display, not to forget it also has 10 different rhythms for just you, a temperature range control, controlled voice patterns, and the tunnel can be removed for cleaning and drying.

As a middle-aged man, your sexuality and sex drive needs to be addressed so why not get it done on your terms? It will never have a headache or any complaints to pleasure you. The only thing you have to do? Charge it! Order yours today before all of them disappear! 


Button Instruction

Perfume box (you can drop in the perfume you want)

I. Push up to open the lid of the box and drop 2-3 drops of perfume;

II. Swipe right: open the window,

III. Swipe left: close the window


Volume button

Slide the switch to adjust the volume.


Energy ring

1. Rotate clockwise to increase power

2. Rotate counterclockwise, the power is weakened


ON/OFF button

1. Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on/off and enter the first gear of the telescopic function after turning it on

2. In the power-on state, tap to pause tap again to cancel the pause(After 15 minutes of inactivity it will automatically shut down)


Sound key

Click to tum on the sound function, click again to switch the sound mode


Airbag +key

Click up to switch the airbag operation mode, there are 0~10 gears;


Press down to switch the airbag operation mode, when it is pressed to 0, the airbag function stops working;


Energy increase

Press the + button to switch the telescopic mode, there are 0~10 gears in total; 


Energy reduction

Press the key to switch down the telescopic mode when it is pressed to 0, the telescopic function stops


Dry button

In the of state, click to turn on/off the drying function, the drying time does not exceed one hour


Heating key

I. In the off state, click to turn on/off the heating function; if the machine is not used for 30 minutes after the heating is turned on, the heating will be automatically turned off.

II. At room temperature, normal heating for about 10 minutes, that is, there is a clear heat sensation



I. In the power-on state, press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on/off the Bluetooth mode; after turning on the Bluetooth, the machine automatically searches for the nearby Bluetooth headset for pairing, and the Bluetooth headset needs to be in the state of searching for a new device, After the pairing connection is successful, you can use the Bluetooth headset to listen to the moaning voice


II. After entering the Bluetooth mode, the sound of the original speaker and wired earphones will be automatically turned off, and will be automatically turned on again after axing the Bluetooth mode:


III. After entering the Bluetooth mode, the volume can only be adjusted through the Bluetooth headset 



Brand: Leten 708 3RD

Material: ABS+TPE

Size:290mm X 128mm

Noise: <80dB

Frequency: 10 frequency

Power supply: changes USB TYPE-C

Charging time: 3-4h

Use time: >40 min

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